Saturday, January 12, 2013

Miracle of Zam Zam Water

Only crystals from Zam Zam water form this unique shape!

Allah, the Almighty has mentioned the word “water” several dozens times in His Great Divine Book; the Glorious Quran. What we are interested here is the latest discovery of the Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto concerning “water’s memory”,
and that water stores inside its memory all the events that take place around it! Masaru Emoto performed the first of its kind, pioneering experiments on Zam Zam water. He experimented with few drops of water which he put under various sound frequencies. He noticed that the water particles arrangement differs upon changing the frequency! Perhaps the final experiment Dr. Masaru Emoto did was on Zamzam’s water which he subjected to a stiff and fastidious test. He found out that this water is different than any other type of water on the globe. Interestingly, he noticed that this water has a special interaction and reaction with the Words of Allah, the Almighty; the Glorious Quran recitation on it.

 Zamzam water still gush non-stop since thousands of years. This is rather an amazing behavior. Where does Zamzam water come from, while in this barren land of a desert? Does this phenomenon require our deep meditation and thinking?

Perhaps we can comprehend now why it is preferable and encouraged to recite [i.e. verses from the Glorious Quran] on water with the hope to cure the patient! Water is the only element in the nature that is distinct in nature than all other elements due to its physical and chemical properties that makes it unanimously, the “Master” of all other elements in the nature.

Emoto brought few drops of Zamzam’s water and recited the “Basmaleh” [In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, Most Merciful] in Arabic and noticed that the arrangement of the water particles became prettier! In fact, these drops of water formed unique shapes as if they were drawn by a fantastically skilled artist.
Water has always had a great significance in the Qur'an and Hadith. We are made of 70% water ourselves and now we know that the way we think affects even the structure of water, and even the way we look like!

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